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Anne-Mie Devolder studied architecture in Belgium and urban design in the Netherlands. After a period working as a cityplanner for the city of Rotterdam, she organized architectural events at the Rotterdam Arts Council. Since 1988 she was responsible for the Architecture International Rotterdam (AIR) interdisciplinary events: the Railway Tunnel Site and Three Squares (1988), AIR-Alexander (1993), AIR-Zuidwaarts / Southbound (1988-1999) and 'Breeze of AIR' (2001). She was curator for various exhibitions and symposia on architecture, urbanism and landscape design. AIR commissioned international architects, urban - and landscape designers, filmmakers, visual artist, writers, scientists to come up with ideas for a better city, in case Rotterdam. She has several publications on architecture and urbanism to her name. Since 2006 she is a visual artist working in The Hague (NL) and in Apiro (Italy).

Philip Peters (art historian / publicist) about her drawings from the period 2006-2008: "Where are we? In a cave (where the art was once invented) or in a cosmic hole? Everything in motion just after the big bang to never stand still." Space and time arise. There is something to see, there is something visible, but there are no definitions, just an ever-expanding world of light and dark, centrifugal and centripetal forces, where everything turns and falls, a world of contradictions in which man has to make his mark. "